Triathlon Training Information

Triathlon Training Information

As specialists in sports medicine, our staff at Haymarket Chiropractic & Rehabilitation work with athletes at various levels. The following information is designed to assist athletes in training for a triathlon:

Top Tips to Prepare for Long Distance Racing
By Monique Ryan, MS, RD

Nutritional preparation for Ironman racing is both a science and an art, with each competitor formulating their own mix of training and race nutrition strategies. However, there are some essential ingredients to race-day success. Below are some nutrition tips deserving of your time and attention in preparation for race day … READ MORE

Nutrition Training for Ironman Race
By Rebecca Marks Rudy, MS

These days if you want to compete in an Ironman distance triathlon you likely have to commit a year in advance in order to secure a number. You dedicate the next 12 months to following a training plan, investing in gear and practicing sound nutrition. In the week leading up to the race you then find yourself with more time on your hands as you let your muscles rest. This is a perfect opportunity to turn your focus to nutrition, and more specifically, to carbohydrates. However, this plan goes beyond eating a plate of pasta the night before your race: Carbohydrate loading is a multi-day, multi-food group practice … READ MORE

Injury Prevention and Treatment for Runners
Haymarket Chiropractic & Rehabilitation work with many runners in our practice from casual joggers to highly competitive, high mileage runners. For your convenience, we’ve developed detailed information packets about how to prevent and treat some of the most common running related injuries … READ MORE