As the third largest primary health care discipline, Chiropractors focus on the interrelationship of the nervous system, joints and muscles. Chiropractors specialize in working with your body to affect the bones, muscles, joints and nerves to help you feel better again and create optimum health and wellness.

Today’s Doctor of Chiropractic is well educated. The science of Chiropractic requires a special emphasis on anatomy, physiology, pathology, neurology, biomechanics, X-ray, spinal adjusting techniques, and related subjects. It takes approximately seven years of education for a candidate to receive a doctorate in chiropractic.

We Utilize the Latest Treatment Methods

At Haymarket Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, we utilize the most recent advances in technology to put you on the path to recovery as quickly as possible. For example, your treatment plan may include adjustments (to ensure that your joints are moving smoothly); muscle stretching (to relax muscle spasms); muscle strengthening (to stabilize the area of pain); home exercises (to continue healing); and other modalities, including ultrasound, electric stimulation (to further relax the area and decrease the pain), and Kinesio Tape (to stabilize the injury and further promote healing).

HCR specializes in treating injuries. Emphasis is placed on identifying the cause of the injury, reducing the pain, then strengthening the area so it does not return. This will aid you in returning to your life more quickly and efficiently. Our providers have earned a variety of certifications and have extensive experience with successful chiropractic techniques, including:

Your Individualized Treatment Plan

The treatment you receive will focus on your specific needs. Our multidisciplinary approach allow us to utilize the best practices of each discipline, including:

  • Chiropractic
  • Sports chiropractic
  • Athletic training
  • Personal training,
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Muscle work therapy

This approach will provide you with the best treatment for each stage of healing.

Since many injuries are complicated in nature, we work with a variety of medical professionals in the community to treat patients and maximize their healing time. We are very proud of our excellent reputation in the community for getting results. If we are not able to help you heal, we will work to find the healthcare professional appropriate for your situation. We would like to help you in any way that we can.